About Us

WholesaleB2B.com is a global wholesale search directory that directly connects wholesalers, importers, manufacturers with resellers.

Superior Data

WholesaleB2B.com provides the most comprehensive listing of wholesalers, importers, manufacturers and wholesale products for resellers. Our proprietary algorithm lists the top companies and organizes them in a searchable database that avoids middleman and broker websites.

Large distribution

For wholesalers that wish to list their company at WholesaleB2B.com, we provide a distribution network of wholesale sites. By using our syndication technology...an advertiser's company will not only show on our site, but across other wholesale sites. By listing with us, you cover the largest distribution area possible.

History of Success

WholesaleB2B is owned and operated by ALDnet, Inc. The founder has over 10 years online search and marketing experience. Our resume includes building and selling one of the most successful vertical search engines. Technology and a deep understanding of distributed search has always provided us a leg up on our competition.